Why Parents should train in Jiu Jitsu too

“I want my son/daughter to learn to take care of himself” - the most common phrase we hear from parents enrolling their sons at our Academy. They often choose Jiu Jitsu – great choice! It’s fun, effective and non-violent – to be the vehicle to help their kids navigate the tough growing years.

The kids who stand out often have one thing in common; their parents train too.

Do as I say AND as I do.

As a former soccer referee I was often shocked by parent’s behaviour on the sidelines. Let me tell you; the worst of the bunch looked like they hadn’t kicked a soccer ball in their life. They may have been role models in other aspects of their lives, but when it came to inspiring their kid into healthy sporting habits, they weren’t setting the best example.

Like every new hobby, Jiu Jitsu is challenging! It’s creative, fun, social and rewarding too. This year we started to let kids train with their parents in the adults class and the results have been astounding. A kid who would struggle to focus in the kid’s class would almost straight away “age-up” and behave like their peers.

Our Special Thing

I was lucky that as a child, no matter how busy my father was, we always went to Karate together a few times a week. It was that special thing we had. Now as a Coach myself, I love nothing more than seeing Daddy-Daughter training partners or Mums and their little Lads on the mats together.

Most sports that kids play – soccer, rugby, basketball, video games [yes it’s officially a professional sport!] – become increasingly hard to play [or understand!] for ageing parents. In Jiu Jitsu you start at the same level and grow and struggle together. It also teaches parents how to play with their kids in a safe and physical manner; it builds a strong bond and teaches helps their kids to develop – the way a lion would teach its cub.

Kid’s care too

Although they may seem absent minded, kids worry about their parent’s health and happiness too – more so than we often realize. As a kid I often found myself wishing my father would eat better, stress less and relax more; the only time I saw him like that was riding bikes or doing Karate.

The parent’s job is not just to take care of their family, but themselves too. Psychologists have studied the development of kids who turn their care to their parents instead of focusing on themselves during the development phase; the results aren’t pretty, even if it’s often unintentional. Knowing that Mum and Dad can take care of themselves is a wonderful gift that you can give your children.

The best present is to be present.

After a hard days work, the smart phone and Netflix feel like the only reprieve. Everybody around you suffers and guess what? It only gets busier as your responsibilities stack up. Training provides the perfect break between work and home life; it improves your mood and puts you in the right mind frame to go home, relax and enjoy your family. Getting on the mat a few times a week gives you no other choice but to be in your body; learning, twisting and turning.

Be on their journey and they on yours

Your belts, hair and age can change, but the martial arts path will always stay the same.

Jiu Jitsu is something to do as a family; To struggle, to grow and to triumph together.

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