Karate Kids Chatswood/Willougby

Karate is the one of the most popular forms of empty handed self defence. Like it's Korean counterpart, Taekwondo, it has an amazing array of kicks, but it's also a complete program of self defence and personal development.


It's also an amazing tool to help your child develop their mind, their body and their discipline, to lay a foundation for the rest of their lives. Training martial arts is proven to help academic performance through it's focus on short & long term goals and the development of self discipline. 


The Resnekov Family has taught Traditional Karate for over 50 years and love nothing more than to pass on the same lessons that were taught to them as children. 


It's an exciting time for Karate now, as in 2020 it will be an Olympic sport; so even though our focus is tradition values, the children have the ability to qualify for the Leadership Team and one day be an Olympian if that becomes their goal. 

Call (02) 9417 1001 now to book a trial lesson and get them started on their Black Belt journey. 

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