Junior Muay Thai - Traditional and Modern

Traditional Thai Boxing is a fantastic way to introduce your child to martial arts. The kids start from 8 years old and the class focuses on Self Defence, technique and experiencing Thai culture.  

"The Art of Eight Limbs" focuses on teaching kids how to use their body, increase their coordination and build their self confidence. Most importantly it's a lot of fun and gets them off the couch and into the world!

Taught by World Champion Dylan Resnekov, who started martial arts at age 4, he specialises in working with kids of all shapes and sizes, but also children with special needs. He has made 30 trips to Thailand and also speaks the language, which helps give the most authentic experience to his students on the North Shore of Sydney. 

Childhood and adolescence is not only hard for the child, but for the parents, and our team works with you on common problems like Bullying, Self Esteem, socialising and obesity. 

In Thailand, the children start learning the art as young as 3 and it provides a backbone for their development in: 

Social Skills - To be successful the children have to work together in drills, skill work and pad-work. Their gradings involve teamwork and challenging them to work better together. They will also meet a lot of new friends from their area (Chatswood, Willoughby, Gordon, Roseville, Lindfield, Crows Nest). 

Coordination - Thai boxing is excellent for developing little brains, developing their cross-crawl and increasing their nuero-plasticity. It also develops strength, speed, reflexes and flexibility.  

Dedication & Self Motivation - With iPads, the internet and all of the new technology, motivation and discipline is at an all time low. 

Self Defense - Thai boxing teaches the children how to avoid fighting at all costs and giving them the self confidence to walk away. However, sometimes there is no other choice but to use your skills to to protect yourself and Muay Thai is simple and effective.

Give your kids an advantage in life now !

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