About VT1 Academy


Martial Arts are the best gift you can give to your growing child


Self-esteem, bullying, obesity and teasing can be common problems. Being a child is a difficult growing period. We’ve all been through it and as a parent we know you would do anything to make it easier for your children. The solution is to build them physically and mentally. Why wait to give your child or teen that extra edge in confidence and self-esteem?


VT1 Academy offers TRADITIONAL and MODERN martial arts choices for kids and teens - Call in today to enquire which suits their needs on (02) 94171001


Does my child need any experience?

95% of the kids who start with us have no experience in martial arts and many have little sporting background. Our program is highly individualized and there is room in our system for everybody.


It’s a great workout and easy to learn. The training environment is fully equipped and safe. The kids work together to help build each other as martial artists, forming a special bond among them. There is no hierarchy or bullying and the classes something they all truly appreciate and enjoy. They often switch between coach and student depending on the exercise and safety is always stressed.



Martial arts develop -

  • Social skills - The students learn to get along with their peers and respect each other.

  • Discipline - The students learn to concentrate, practice self-control, and follow rules.

  • Dedication - The students learn to set goals and commit to them.

  • Self-esteem - The students learn about themselves and build confidence about who they are.

  • Emotion regulation – The students learn how to deal with their feelings.


As well as :

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Co-ordination and balance

  • Flexibility

  • Speed and agility